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Hero 108 OC: Karin Yayoi by ItaliniX Hero 108 OC: Karin Yayoi by ItaliniX
Name: Karin Yayoi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Team: Big Green

Friends: Lin Chung, Mystique Sonia, Jumpy Ghostface, probably Mighty Ray, Mr. No Hands, Woo the Wise, Yuna & Commander ApeTrully

Likes: Yarn, Strings, Making friends, Sunlit naps, Volleyball, Bowling, Dim Sum, The Kyoto Clan, Robbing from rich, Giving to poor, Potato chips, Sushi, Nostalgic memories, Catnips.

Dislikes: High Roller, Dark chocolate, Alcohol, Snakes, Wolves, Classical music, Torture, Pain, Frustration, Gossip

Abilities: A spirit inside her kept her own body undying, has feline abilities.

Her Aim: It depends on her target.

Bio: A feline feral, Karin Yayoi is the last surviving member of the Kyoto Clan, a notorious band of Feline Theives. Their last mission ended in tragedy: a failed attempt to steal the mysterious Life spirit from High Roller resulted in their grisly deaths. Before meeting her own doom, Karin swallowed the Life Spirit and managed to digest it. The Spirit's power permeated her entire body, making it truly undying… even after being cut into several pieces.

Now, working Big Green, Karin plots to avenge her fallen comrades.


-Lin Chung: She always pesters his Bamboo Sniper, thinking it's a plaything.

-Mystique Sonia: She thinks of her as a sister, due to Sonia's caring advices.

-Mighty Ray: Due to her clothing, Ray is attracted to her "Melons". Lucky for her, She can claws his eyes out.

-Jumpy Ghostface: She chases him around to get Jumpy's fluffy tail.

-Mr. No Hands: She cheers him up by pretending that he has hands.

-Woo the Wise: She laughs at him when it comes to the underwear part, but she apologizes him for her immature feline behavior.

-Commander ApeTrully: The only person that he let her in Big Green, Even though she's a thief, Apetrully taught her she could have a better way for not being a thief.

-Yuna: Even though she's the daughter of High Roller, She still care for her.

-Cato: He always mysterious, But she has infatuation for him.
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ARTgazer12 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute!:heart:
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